Julie Harvey-Smith

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Julie Harvey-Smith. 1st April 1959 - 14th June 2022

Julie died peacefully at home on the afternoon of Tuesday 14th June 2022 in the company of her husband Jon Freeman and her niece Lottie Smith.

A wonderful woman who cared passionately for all living things, for social justice, the common good and much more. A political campaigner who made some waves. A driver of miniature trains in Vivary Park giving rides to "children of all ages". A beautiful, loving and caring person, loved by everyone who got to know her. She leaves a vacuum that can never be filled.

Julie and Jon met and became friends in the 1970s as members of an informal network of London Radio Pirates, before drifting away to get on with life. Meeting again many years later, Julie came to Bristol in 2000 to be with Jon, their next 22 years together being the best.

Not being afraid of anything much, Julie joined in with 'Locomotive Restoration' on the West Somerset Railway. Quickly learning to use lathes and other dangerous machine tools, Julie was often seen in the Shed at Williton machining parts for West Country class 'Braunton'.

Less tangible perhaps, Julie had a significant part to play in the design of miniature locomotives built by Jon. Not seeing much point in building all the same models as everyone else, Julie enjoyed 'outside the box' thinking. The shape, external design and sound effects of 'The Wedge' owe much to Julie.

In 2015, Julie stood for parliament as a Green Party candidate. After she and her small team of dedicated volunteers putting in enormous efforts over several months, Julie came a heroic 5th place out of 5 candidates, achieving the best ever result for the party in the hopelessly safe Tory Bridgwater and West Somerset constituency, very nearly polling enough votes to save her deposit !

Julie Harvey-Smith. One of a kind. Diamond.

What People Said about Julie

Deepest condolences, a beautiful flower in a world full of weeds. (Dave and Sue W.)

I will always remember Julie as one of the nicest, most genuine people I have had the good fortune to get to know. An Angel in crocks and double denim, one of the best. (Paul D.)

So sorry to hear the sad news. Thank you letting us know, and for giving us the opportunity to see her again. She was a lovely person, whose company we thoroughly enjoyed. (Malcolm and Margaret M.)

I’m so sorry to hear this news ..I know how much she supported you in your principles of fairness ,equality and the environment ....... (Terry G.)

So so sorry about Julie. I’m pleased she died peacefully with you there with her. She was a magnificent, strong, courageous and generous woman who improved the lives and brought sunshine into the lives of so many people. Much love (Jerry H & Josephine B.)

Miriam and I are shocked and very sad to hear of Julie's passing. Your valediction of Julie is so apt. (Jamie and Miriam R.)

I'm so sad to hear of Julie's death. She was such a gorgeous woman. So brave and so kind. I remember when she stood for the Green Party when no one else had the courage to do so. She was amazing. I know my sister Maureen and Chris are so very fond of both of you and are very upset to lose her. I'm sure she will continue to be with you Jon, forever, and she will make sure you feel safe in her love. Much love and blessings to both of you Jon. (Katy A.)

So sorry to hear of Julie's passing. Always remember her as Dela Ware on East London Radio's rock show, playing 'Poor Boy' by Chicken Shack. Still got my vinyl of Imagination Lady, which I got after hearing Julie rockin' the airwaves with it. 😢(Bear Freeman (no relation))

So sorry to hear this news, what a lovely photo of Julie you have sent out. She certainly made some waves in her short life and I believe she will hold the passion for all that is right and good on her journey beyond this painful planet. Our thoughts are with you at such a sad time. From Jo, Allan and Sue at Stop Hinkley

Julie was so many things for us, too - I don't even know which memory to bring forward in my head, which one to dwell on a while. The picture - how she hated being photographed because she always looked like she had a wasp in her mouth. Or her crazy handbags. Or her openness and loving care toward us. She showered us, the boys with crazy gifts, sticker albums, London metro socks. We still use the London metro towels you gave us. How she hated long walks but did them anyway, just to be together. She - reportedly - cleaned the house of spiders before our arrival, by ushering them gently out. She fed the stupid seagull, despite your protests. She loved us, even though she hardly knew us. Treated us like we were family. - (Franciska)

We were pleased to be able to visit you and Julie a couple of weeks ago. Julie was a lovely woman , full of fun and great company. She will be sorely missed. (Anne and John W.)

Hi Jon, thank you for telling us about Julie. The team at Stop Hinkley pass on our condolences to you, your family and Julie’s many friends. We send you our best wishes.

To lose someone you love at such a young age must be very hard. For you it will be a great loss - but also for the world we are living in where caring for all living things seems to have gone out of fashion. My thoughts and best wishes, Elinor

Thanks for your news and I can only say how sorry Rachel and I are about your loss. There is no doubt she was very much appreciated in the Club and we will all miss her.

As was said at a funeral of a railwayman friend of mine not that long ago - We are all on a journey, a journey we all must make. It just happens that Julie took an earlier train... Thinking of you - Best wishes David and Rachel.

Just acknowledging the passing on of your wonderful partner Julie Harvey-Smith such an amazing person, a real campaigner for social justice, a driver of miniature trains in Vivary Park, leaving quite rightly a vacuum that can never be filled. Please accept our condolences as such. It is extremely hard to express in words our feelings for your (and our) loss such a vital part of your life. - (Jeff and Freny)

I shall remember Julie with great fondness, I still have the John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett LP she brought into Davies Newsagent's for me, I shall treasure that even more xxx Take care and lots of love to you xxx (Mitch W.)

I'm crying now. Lots of love to you my friend. Don't be afraid to reach out...any time of the day and night. I'll never forget the time I knocked on your door upset at 3.00 am and Julie said "Come in Pete - we were awake anyway!" (Wonderful woman). [Pete S.]