5914 - A 'Baby Deltic' Petrol Electric Locomotive in 5" Gauge - April 2024

For Julie

... who always wanted a 'Deltic', but this'll fit in the car. Just!

... The Technical Stuff

A brief video of a work in progress

Traction motors - 4 off 220W Brushless, Nanotec DB59M024035-A

Drive Electronics - STM3_EMC by Jon

Powered by petrol inverter - generator which adjusts engine revs according to need.

230V A.C. from the generator supplies two VOF-350C-27-CNF 27V, 13A switch-mode power supplies which deliver power to two ST3EMC Dual Brushless Motor Controllers. (Outputs not directly paralleled, negative common / chassis, positives combined using HTR40U60T Schottky diodes. This avoids over-voltage cutout during regenerative braking.)

Over-voltage protection provided by custom 'Power Clamp' which dissipates power developed during regenerative braking, details to follow.

Loco is driven by 'Radio Control', using a RadioLink T8FB Tx with R8EF Rx supplying three channels (drive, direction, horn) of info to a 'Touch Screen' controller as per the '18100' Turbine Loco, and 'The Brutalist'.