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November 2020 - Latest Hot Topic - Full article in 'Model Engineer' Iss 4651 on - Petrol Electric Locomotives powered by a small engine driving an alternator generator rarely behave well. Problems with these systems was the subject of in-depth research leading to the design of some new electronics, a "Smart Regulator" which matches engine to alternator torque characteristics, solving all the usual problems along the way. See 'Smart Regulator' page.

Videos April 2019 - 'Brushless Brutalist' on the 71/4 inch ground level track at Ashton Court

'Brushless Brutalist' pics from Ashton Court and Vivary Park

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Public Running - Vivary Park, Taunton
Public Running - Ashton Court, Bristol
Steaming Bay - Vivary Park

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Public Running - Vivary Park, Taunton
Driver's Touch-Screen Control Panel
Some of the Electronics

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Jon Freeman B Eng Hons is a qualified Digital Systems Engineer, more at home with electronics and software development than mechanics.

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