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Nothing for sale here. Feel free to copy and use material found here, please let me know how you get on. The hope is our innovative design examples inspire your own creativity.

No guarantees offered or implied. I am willing to answer any questions, and I'm available for electronic design and development contract work at my daily rate. Ffi please ask. Share and Enjoy.

Downloads - Please Note - You can download many types of files here - pdf documents, jpg images, spreadsheets and all sorts. Some web browsers throw a hissy fit about spreadsheets, incorrectly reporting them as being full of spyware or virus. This is not so, try another browser if probs seen.

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Jon Freeman B Eng Hons is a qualified Digital Systems Engineer, good at his job but seldom noted for his patience or talent as a Modeller ! More at home with electronics and software listings than mechanics.

Member of :

Taunton Model Engineers [web]

Bristol Society of Model and Experimental Engineers [web]